1. You are enough.

2. Your enoughness is not contingent on or correlated to anything or anyone outside of you, only what is within you and above you.

3. Your enoughness is exactly the same whether or not you see or feel it in a given moment.

4. Your enoughness and lovability is exactly the same whether or not someone else sees it or feels it in a given moment.

5. Worrying what anyone else thinks is a waste of energy. You do not need to please everyone. If you try to, you will please no-one, and especially not yourself.

6. Most humans die with their dreams and their best ideas left inside them. Don’t be one of them. If you knew you were going to die in the next two years, how would you spend them? (Don’t answer this if you’re not 24 yet.)

7. You are not your thoughts. You are a human being who has thoughts, and sometimes those thoughts are simply brain farts.

8. Some people are gross, get used to it and practice discernment.

9. You don’t need the stuff. You want the *feeling*. Find the feeling first. It lasts longer.

10. There are a million ways to make money and none of them need to be minimum wage, not even when you’re 16 (though the beep sound at the checkout can be very satisfying… for at least seven minutes anyway)

11. Being overdrawn will not kill you, not even if it feels like it might. But it’s best to avoid it anyway.

12. Working minimum wage is bad for the soul. Don’t do it. Be creative. You’re smarter than you think.

13. Cubicles are highly highly over-rated, as are air-conditioned offices.

14. You were born to speak, and to write too. But mostly to speak.

15. Your message matters.

16. Your voice matters, even and including when it shakes.

17. Your enoughness and lovability was and always will be exactly the same, independent of what you’re wearing or what your bank balance is on a given day. This will especially help you stay sane when you first become an entrepreneur and you make sweet FA for several months, but are still doing great work and planting amazing seeds. By the way, making no money when you very first become an entrepreneur will be an important part of your journey and story.

18. There is such a thing as over-preparation. Start before you’re ready. Fail forward.

19. You can speak without being 100% certain exactly what you want to say. In fact, that’s the best way to do it.

20. Use your voice for good and often. Even and including when you think you’re not ready and when you’re not sure if you have anything of value to say. That’s just a thought.

21. Forgive everyone, but also say cheerio when you need to. (And from self-love, not from ego.)

22. The ego is always hungry and never satisfied. Park it in the corner. Don’t ever let it drive the car. You are not your ego, and your ego is not you, it’s just your ego.

23. Anything that takes you forever to do probably shouldn’t be done by you. Spend your time in your zone of genius and delegate/pay someone else to do it.

24. How good you are at homework (especially Physics) isn’t really relevant to how good you will be at life, at corporate business or at entrepreneurship.

25. Plenty of geniuses aren’t good at Maths. Stop making everything mean things about you. Do the Landmark Forum.

25. Calculators exist for a reason

26. The entrepreneurial emotional rollercoaster is real, but it’s not inevitable.

27. SAY THE THING. Always. Including and even if it gets you fired. It’ll be for the best.

28. Don’t take any shit. It’s not your job and it’s not what you’re being paid for (contrary to what you think).

29. You don’t need to work for or with anyone you don’t like or who doesn’t respect you or see your worth. There are more than enough opportunities out there and they are soooo worth the search/wait.

30. Never settle, ever.

31. Your worth is non-negotiable, not even with you

32. Trust your intuition.

33. Wait for the one you can picture having a family with and being a great father.

34. Never go to bed on an argument.

35. You get to make your own rules, always. (Though it’s probably best to abide by the law)

36. Ice cream is not serenity. It’s ice cream.

37. Chocolate is not happiness, or connection. It’s chocolate.

38. It wasn’t your fault.

39. Talking is healing. Talk to professionals. You’re not alone.

40. New York is not freedom. Freedom is a decision you can make from anywhere in the world.

41. You are really good at articulating things others can’t or won’t. (Granny wasn’t just being kind, she was also wise)

42. Cherish every moment with your loved ones, you don’t know when they’ll be gone.

43. You are not your past.

44. Your health is your greatest wealth.

45. High quality food that energises you is the best investment you can possible make.

46. Joining a gym you LOVE is the next best investment you can possibly make.

47. A home that sparks joy is also a very good investment.

48. Mentoring can be a very good investment, when you pick the right person.

49. You won’t always learn what you think you’ll learn, but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn what you’re meant to learn.

50. It’s not just okay to make investments based on your gut feel, it’s wise.

51. Always check the numbers and rational stuff anyway.

52. Happiness is priceless.

53. Flow state is GOLD.

54. Spend as much time in your zone of genius and in flow state as possible.

55. Let go of almost everything else.

56. The more enough you feel, the more you will feel comfortable asking for and receiving from others. In every sense, in every area.

57. The more enough you feel, the more money you will feel comfortable receiving and having in your bank account/investments without spending it

58. You are not and were never broken. It was just a very convincing illusion.

59. Life will truly begin when you realise this.

60. Mental health is a spectrum, not an absolute or an end point. Nurture and protect yours relentlessly.

61. You know enough.

62. You will never stop wanting to learn, grow or improve, and it’s way more fun when you realise that it’s a choice not an obligation

63. Avoid cheap hairdressers and fringes.

64. Buy property ASAP.

65. This being said, you don’t need to live in any of it and renting is *not* the worst. It’s great for flexibility.

66. Money can provide security, but it is never the ultimate solution to a yearning for more security. A sense of deeper security comes from within, and from above, nowhere else.

67. Do things to cultivate your sense of security daily. Walk in nature. Be still. Hydrate. Eat leafy greens. Grounding matters, and grounding and experiencing a daily sense of security are linked.

68. Get the one with the garden.

69. There is no one like you in the world. There is only one you. And your #1 job is to be more you.

70. Once you become a mother, your #1 job is to keep yourself and your child alive, to cuddle, to love with all your heart, to be more you, to help your child be more them, to do all your own laundry, to cook, to clean, to look hotter than ever, to water your relationship with your partner, to crush it at business, to look immaculate at all times and everything else in between. Just kidding. Your #1 job is to stop giving a s… what anyone else thinks.

71. What anyone else says about your worth/choices is only ever a reflection of how they see their own worth/choices.

72. God never stops loving you.

73. Everything else is temporary.

74. Take this as beautiful, not depressing.

75. Pray often, not because you “should” but because you choose to.

76. A new beginning is always available.

75. I love you. And you’ve got this. Promise.