I’m Jaimie Sarah and I help service-based experts in the legal, financial and consulting spaces to grow themselves and their businesses The Aligned Way™, without losing their minds, burning out or being someone they’re not.

I do this through a blend of executive coaching, marketing consulting, “done for you” and “done with you” marketing services. I work with high and ultra high achievers for whom everything looks shiny and sparkly on the outside and their results are already exceptional, but they want more.

They know they can experience and sustain business success – and personal growth – that not only looks good on the outside, but that feels deeply aligned on the inside, and that creates an even bigger and longer lasting legacy for generations to come.

Who I Work With

New Business Owners

I help new business owners who are highly experienced experts in their field to sidestep many of the expensive pitfalls, mistakes and pains that lead over 90% of startups to fail. No matter how experienced you are in the business world or how much you’ve achieved in a corporate setting, running your own business is a totally different ball game. I help experts leveraging their existing experience to create new service-based offerings save significant amounts of time, stress, heartache, money and energy by helping them get off on the best foot. I also help them ensure that their strategies, processes and offerings are truly in alignment for them, their personal values and desired lifestyle. (Starts at £92 per month) 

Established Business Owners

I help owners of multi 6, 7 and 8 figure+ businesses to continue growing with ways of being, marketing and serving that are truly in alignment for them, their ideal clients and their desired lifestyle. Because there’s nothing worse than a business that looks amazing on the outside, but secretly feels like a drag on the inside. You deserve to enjoy running your business. Benefit from a potent blend of coaching, consulting and done for (or with) you marketing services, completely bespoke to you and your brand. (Starts at £997 per month)

Corporate Directors

Coaching can help to accelerate the performance and results of both individuals and entire teams and organisations, such is the power of its ripple effect. I coach directors of 9 figure+ corporate organisations to completely revolutionise how they think, work and lead. It’s powerful stuff! It’s also by invitation and application only. (Starts at £1,500 per month) 


I have a few foundational principles I follow (more on these later). One of them is radical honesty, so you won’t find me pretending that everything in business should be rainbows and butterflies 24/7, nor will I expect you to. I will help you navigate any lows as well as highs.

When you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help catalyse your and your business’s growth, it’s important to find someone with shared values who you believe is really, really smart in the ways that matter most to you. You should be thinking “Wow, this person REALLY gets me”, and believing that they truly understand and can help you master your challenges as well as your opportunities.

Jaimie's sessions are insightful, value-packed and filled with practical advice. I highly recommend booking a call with her and watching her work her magic.

Sameera Desai, London UK

Jaimie is extraordinary! I've worked with a coach just once before, and to be honest I found it to be a huge waste of my time. Not so with Jaimie our initial call alone gave me a page-long list of insights into what has been blocking me in my business alongside a stack of ideas to move me forward. I left the call incredibly impressed, and I've no doubt you will too!

Trish Mossman, Antigua Guatemala

My sessions with Jaimie have opened up multiple new outlooks. The questions she asks in preparation and as part of her sessions provide so much opportunity for new ways of looking at things. Her analysis is so sharp - very exciting and highly recommended.

 Nathalie Rozencwajg, Paris, France