Professional Accreditations

Many coaches have zero coaching training and very little business experience to be able to understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. A small minority of these people are still great coaches, but it’s a risky bet.

I have 9 years experience delivering successful sales and marketing methodologies for some of the biggest and most profitable multinationals in the world. I also have a BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited degree in Psychology from the University of London, and a number of rigorous ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching certifications and practical experiences that have afforded me the tools to coach to a truly professional standard.

This includes the internationally recognized Institute for Professional Excellence in CoachingĀ comprehensive 18 month life and business coaching training, advanced wellbeing and leadership training, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 12 month health coach training program. I don’t mess around, and I’m relentlessly committed to continuing to grow and expand so I can deliver the most comprehensive and cutting edge coaching experiences.

In line with these experiences, I recognize that the effectiveness of you and your employees is inextricably bound to the power of your brand, so I combine coaching with strategic marketing support as appropriate. In addition to my experience with some of the most profitable businesses in the world, I have studied with both the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Harvard Business School to refine my craft further.

The rigour, integrity and breadth of my education and practical experience combined with my laser-sharp focus and intuition means that I am well equipped to support you with transforming the energy in your life and business from every angle. I am able to offer a truly integrated approach to shifting and elevating energy by blending an appreciation of nutrition, exercise, mindset, purpose, relationships, finances, home environment, branding and so much more to create the biggest impact for my clients with profound ripple effects not only in their own lives but in their network and beyond.