Are You Giving To Your Body, Or Simply Testing It?“Yoga is something you give your body, not a test you give it or a hoop to make it jump through.”

On hearing these words from my yoga teacher yesterday at The Life Centre, I was reminded how much of the exercise I’ve done in my life has been to punish or to test my body.

To make it jump through hoops to prove itself.

What a way to relate to your forever home.

But for the last three years, it’s been different.

I’ve worked out because it feels good to.

Both mentally and physically.

I move because my body likes to move, to stretch, to feel unleashed and free.

I have come to genuinely love and adore my body.

It’s a continual commitment though, as opposed to a challenge surmounted once and never again.

Sometimes I notice myself talking sh*t to my body, or trying to make her do something she REALLY doesn’t want to do, and I have to catch myself and re-direct my intentions and actions.

Recently my body’s been saying no to a bunch of things, and I noticed myself getting frustrated.

Then I realised, is this helpful?

Is this honouring my body or encouraging her to play ball?

Is this inspiring a kind and mutually beneficial relationship?

If I spoke to a friend this way, would they feel loved and appreciated?

Turns out not. Definitely not to the degree that is in full alignment with the love and appreciation I truly have for my amazing body, my forever home.

So I choose love all over again.

I can’t promise I won’t slip up again, but I promise to notice and correct course quickly.

Not just for me, but for every body, because how we treat ourselves creates an energetic ripple effect in the world and sets the tone for everything else we do too.

So if you catch me saying anything impatient or unloving to my body, please throw tomatoes at me. You have my full permission.

What intention do you choose to set with your body?