When it comes to education, it’s my great privilege to deliver interactive group workshops to students and teachers in order to assist young people and those influencing them to gain an understanding of the importance of optimising their mindset and more early on.

A healthy and happy student is generally one who is far more able to absorb and achieve more, to have better relationships, and to connect with their clarity, potential and purpose for the brightest future possible.

My workshops are bespoke for each institution, but common themes are

– Eating for energy and serenity
– Developing a positive and proactive mindset
– Developing a more positive relationship with stress
– Preventing burnout
– Enhancing resilience and dealing with uncertainty and change
– Improving personal and professional relationships
– Establishing balance, finding your passions and your tribe
– Enhancing creativity and innovation
– Developing a high performance culture

Each group workshop will include a dedicated Q&A portion of negotiable length where participants can benefit from live coaching amongst the group on issues of interest. There is also the option to add on private 1:1 coaching following the session.

Please book a discovery call with me here so we can discuss your specific requirements and I can develop a tailor made offering for you.