“Returnity” Coaching

The period of returning to work after having a baby is a critical time in a woman’s life, and critical to whether a woman stays in the workforce or leaves. It is also much easier to navigate with dedicated support.

To discuss your unique situation and learn more about my maternity and “Returnity” coaching services, please book a complimentary chemistry call with me.

This offering is available both for individuals and for corporate bookings for your employees.

Corporate enquiries 

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Take a look at this short video “Why Everyone Needs a Coach” on the critical importance of coaching featuring Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) and Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google).


Executive “Returnity” Coaching is executive coaching specifically designed to support women through the transition of returning to work after maternity leave.

It’s best initiated at around month six of pregnancy, and continued through to the end of their first year back in business, but can be engaged any time in between this period.

It can be engaged by you as an individual, or arrange by your corporation as part of your benefits or learning and development support.

The run up to – and the first year after having a child is a critical time in a woman’s career, and women who are not supported appropriately upon their return are significantly more likely to “jump ship” shortly after returning.

This can lead to very serious “brain drain” of a significant portion of a company’s most valuable expertise and talent, as well as recruitment costs (often equivalent to 30% of an employee’s annual salary), plus the inconvenience and decreases in productivity that are often inevitable while replacement new hires are onboarding.

Factoring all of these costs in, the real costs of losing valuable female talent is in reality close to 300% of their annual salary.

Supporting appropriate reintegration and adaptation to mothers’ new needs to retain these important assets is a critical business issue as well as a personal one.


Jaimie first began coaching formally in 2015 after spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder in global HR, sales and marketing in both London and New York. She noticed the very grave need for employees and individuals to benefit from truly objective support, accountability and sound boarding, which she found herself often providing.

Upon discovering that formal “coaching” was the exact solution to this problem, and that it was possible to train to do so officially, she began her training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching as well as Harvard Business School. Initially, Jaimie retained her strategic marketing position, but once she began directing global projects to enhance Thomson Reuters’ employee wellbeing and engagement globally, she realised that she could only have the true impact she desired by transitioning into coaching and consulting full-time.

She has since completed thousands of hours of additional training, mentoring and coaching hours and most importantly successfully coached hundreds of leaders worldwide – generally senior and C-suite leaders and founders. Her primary focus is now on helping organisations tap more fully into their female talent, especially those returning to work after maternity leave, through 360 degree coaching combined with strategic support and accountability.

She believes this must be an absolutely non-negotiable priority if an organisation is to truly and sustainably thrive from the inside out.

She has been featured in a number of high profile publications and media outlets including Forbes and Thrive Global, and is a regular panelist and speaker on the subject of burnout, balance, how female leaders can “have it all” and their role in thriving organisations.


Jaimie has transformed leaders in a variety of sectors including financial services, law, media and communications, law, hospitality, leisure, recruitment, consulting and information technology, as well as governmental and non-profit organisations across the globe. She coaches face to face in London and virtually via telephone with clients in cities all over the world including New York, LA, Florida, Miami, Chicago, Stockholm, Norway, and Melbourne.


By employing a blend of laser sharp coaching, practical, forward-focused momentum and a deep understanding of what makes businesses work, she enables her clients to leverage a safe and empathic space within which to release their concerns and challenges confidentially, and to create new ideas, solutions and insights they would not otherwise. This in turn makes available even more effective ways of working, and better business results.


She is also a qualified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which enables her to provide integrated support on issues such as retaining strong wellbeing and avoiding and recovering from burnout which can be particularly pertinent to parents and C-suite leaders in the workforce. Not only can poor wellbeing be costly in terms of time off, but healthy executives are proven to function at higher levels of peak performance and influence than those in poor health.


With Jaimie’s guidance, her clients learn how to logistically and tactically manage the “returnity” transition, to integrate their new experiences to become even more efficient and effective leaders (even if they are working fewer hours), to cultivate optimal working relationships, and to achieve lasting success, fulfilment and vitality that has huge ripple effects on the organisations they serve.