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the #1 community for experts who want to grow their brands and attract more high level clients and opportunities – without burning out!



If you’re a qualified and experienced expert who sells advice, guidance or other creative, wellbeing or wealth related services (for example, health or nutrition expert, therapist, healer, coach, finance expert, lawyer, consultant or agency owner) this is the membership for you! 


Magnetic Influence offers a nurturing and powerful community consciously designed to help you win. Imagine benefiting not only from personalised support specifically tailored to you and your brand… but also being surrounded by other experienced, credible experts who are fun to be around, who have your back and who can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you! 


It’s the perfect place to receive laser sharp, expert consulting from Jaimie Sarah, who is genuinely invested in your and your clients’ successes and you having the life you truly want to live.


If your highest values include freedom, connection, genuine care, honesty and integrity, this is the space for you!



  • Wanting to attract more ideal and high level clients, opportunities, strategic partners, collaborators, affiliates etc who are fun to work with and who deeply honour and appreciate the value you bring.
  • Ready to seriously up-level your self identity as well as your brand’s identity.
  • Ready to work smarter not harder and to overcome all barriers preventing you from doing this.
  • Ready to unlock your full potential.
  • Not afraid of doing the inner work as well as taking practical action consistently to accomplish your goals.
  • A highly intuitive and/or empathic soul who finds yourself not getting what you truly need from other memberships or group programs because you yearn for a deeper and more emotionally intelligent and emotionally nuanced space.
  • Ready to finally have a group of people in your corner who are genuinely invested in your success.
  • Want to create win wins for you and your clients.
  • Yearning to be supported inside a high-level community and to receive high calibre support, without needing to invest £10,000+


  • Being in a community of kindred spirits who truly see you and who want you to win. 
  • Feeling optimistic and excited about showing up on calls to genuinely support and celebrate each other and to evolve as humans and business owners.
  • Receiving expert marketing guidance as well as mindset support from Jaimie based on over 16 years of marketing experience and 9 years of coaching experience – twice a month every single month.
  • Being able to bring whatever marketing and branding projects and ideas you need to get out the door and getting the immediate answers you need to be able to move forward without hesitation.
  • Feeling truly safe to share your wins and challenges in equal measure in an energetically clean and clear space.
  • Knowing that you will always leave a call with more clarity than before, feeling truly seen and heard.
  • Plugging into a network of potential referrers and collaborators who share your values and integrity and genuinely care about their clients winning and creating positive ripple effects in the world.

Magnetic Influence is a safe space within which to brainstorm ideas, network and collaborate. It’s really helped me to take my heart and business to the next level.


then you need to join today.

Choose between accessible monthly payments
Or save over £300 PLUS for a limited time receive a laser 1:1 with Jaimie with an annual membership.



A LIVE hot-seat call with me every fortnight to help you with your personal brand and marketing content, included in your monthly investment. Whether you want to discuss your messaging, your offerings, your content or a mindset concern, bring it to the call and you’ll receive a designated slot on the call purely focused on you and your brand.

Access to the private community 24/7 between calls for questions, shares and wins.


Plus a bank of subconscious reprogramming audios to help you align your unconscious belief system with the next level of your personal identity and brand evolution. If your subconscious mind isn’t on board with your goals, this is where unconscious resistance and self-sabotage comes from, and we don’t want that! These resources aren’t available anywhere else, not even in my highest level programs, which are £10,000+ to take part in.


Jaimie’s ability to get to the heart of blockers and challenges is first class. Her candid feedback and perspective provides massive value.

Dan Morris

What’s different about Magnetic Influence?

Most business and marketing communities operate on a very “head brain”, rational only level.  They don’t provide intuitive support, they don’t provide personalised marketing or branding guidance (specifically tailored to you, your experience and your ideal clients), and they don’t provide the emotionally nuanced space that highly attuned humans like you yearn for.

If you’ve been searching for a space that bridges both the energetic and strategic elements of truly effective marketing and reputable brand building, this is absolutely the place for you.

It’s also only for fully qualified and experienced professional services and service-based experts – which means the questions your fellow members ask are nearly always relevant to you too!

In Magnetic Influence you get all of this and more.


a) It’s where the deepest, most aligned and most sustainable results come from and

b) It feels really really good – and how you feel matters. When you feel good, you create SO much more momentum, almost without trying.

You spend so much time and energy supporting others, isn’t it time you too got the calibre of support and camaraderie that you deserve?

What’s also different about Magnetic Influence is that as a complement to the live support you receive, you get access to exclusive advanced subconscious reprogramming resources, which is important because your subconscious mind is where seemingly inexplicable sabotage and resistance patterns come from, even when you have no conscious awareness of them. This work is essential if you want to break through old blocks and achieve what you know you were truly born to when it comes to building and optimising your brand.

If you’ve tried other memberships or group experiences and found yourself never getting quite what you really want and need… Magnetic Influence is for you!

Jaimie is exactly the right balance between encouraging and brutally honest! I’ve had so many light bulb moments whilst working with her! I’ve also learned, through her coaching, how to embrace brave conversations with confidence. She is brilliant at giving you new perspectives when looking at a challenge and I’ve found myself much more easily able to pause and see that for myself in daily work. My self confidence has soared, and I’m much clearer on my skills and on what I need to work on.
Ciara Diver

Dedicated private community

You’ll be part of a private Facebook community where you can mingle with others in the community and share your wins and challenges with each other anytime.


I can’t wait to see you and support you on the inside!

Invest risk free


If you don’t absolutely love it, you can cancel anytime and you will not be renewed. Please simply provide at least 30 days notice in writing before renewal.

Please note: we operate a strict no refund policy for
time already used.

Magnetic Influence is a safe, secure place to bring whatever you need support on. Whether it’s business strategy and structure, mindset work, or reviewing marketing copy, it’s amazing to see what Jaimie can tackle in just one hot-seat call.

It’s rare to find a place where you can bring anything and feel supported no matter what, especially as entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about what we do, getting the right support is so important.

Jaimie’s ability to tap in and tune into what each client needs is really incredible.

I just had my best month in business ever after working with Jaimie!


About Jaimie

Hello, I’m Jaimie Sarah and I’m the Founder of Definitely Definitely and the Creator of The Aligned Business Blueprint, Business The Aligned Way and The 6 Types of Content to Captivate and Convert. I help brilliant professional services companies and service-based experts like you to attract, convert and retain more high calibre clients with integrity. I’m a bestselling author, award-winning Executive Coach, Marketing Strategist, Fractional CMO and acclaimed speaker. 

I’ve been helping service-based businesses from brand new startups and established SMEs through to multi-nationals like SAP and Thomson Reuters with their growth for over 15 years.

And because I’ve now worked with many hundreds of clients in your shoes, I know that at your level, having the right support can be something that’s sorely missing, leaving you at times feeling frustrated, isolated and spinning your wheels.

I also know that the best way to keep you feeling confident, aligned and smashing your growth goals, month after month is by supporting you on an ongoing basis. That’s exactly why I created Magnetic Influence: The Membership.


Or subscribe annually and receive a private 20 min laser call with Jaimie (bonus available for a limited time only)

In Magnetic Influence, Jaimie brings not just her impeccable business sense but also merges the energetic side with her business sense in a really practical way.

I also love the calibre, authenticity and integrity of the other members which I’ve found is difficult to get in other places, and that really helps you keep raising your standards.