You have a special magic unlike anyone else’s. A unique way of being, a unique blend of knowledge, skills, experience and character that not a single other person on earth has.

There are people who might hear a similar message to yours or see a product or service like yours offered by someone else, but it won’t resonate with them, simply because that person isn’t you.

THE WORLD NEEDS YOU to share your magic and your creations. The universe wants you to turn your magic into products and/or services that you provide to other people in exchange for energy (money).

I see so many people not monetising their magic or not monetising it to the extent they could, because of old inherited beliefs and stories about money.

Money is just energy. And energy is beautiful. Therefore money is beautiful. You give a beautiful thing (your gifts, in whatever form you choose to deliver them in), and you receive a beautiful thing in return. It’s so simple and glorious.

It is not evil or bad to monetise your magic. It is beautiful and the natural way of things. It is what the universe has intended for you all along. You are here for a special purpose, and you’re here to monetise it.

And if you don’t know what your special thing is yet. That’s ok too. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have one!

Whether you’re not sure or you are (but you enjoy considering new possibilities regardless)…

Here are some powerful questions to consider:

– What’s the thing you love so much you do it without even thinking and it (at this point at least) comes so easily and naturally to you?

– What’s the thing you are ridiculously and obsessively nerdy about and time disappears when you’re doing it or learning about it?

– What’s the thing you do for fun and for friends for free without even thinking that it could be an actual business or product?

– And if you were to actually sell it, what could that product be called and how might you package and price it and for whom?

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