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Are you sick of trading time for money and feeling like there’s no way you could earn more without extra hustle or sacrifice? Maybe you’ve got a side hustle that’s more expensive hobby than flourishing business… or perhaps you’ve had that juicy idea sitting in the back of your mind nudge… nudge… nudging… you for far too long now and you’re ready to stop dreaming and start executing.

Lisa knows her stuff

(Really knows her stuff.) She doesn’t mess around. Like me she gets to the point, tells you what you need to know and doesn’t hold back. I wouldn’t be partnering with her otherwise. She’s an absolute ninja at helping you build, nurture and monetise an audience, which is an incredibly important skill to have in business and one not many truly nail – and definitely not like she does.

You don't just get Lisa

You get her whole team, including her tech specialists who will build your sales funnel and lead magnet FOR YOU, plus a kickass team of associate coaches!

She genuinely cares

She wants you to win, without compromising your morals. From 30k in debt to now having a multi-million pound business, she understands what it’s like to be on the journey, and to not have been an overnight success, and she’s determined to bring as many people as possible along with her. She genuinely wants you to be successful and to show you how with integrity.

My Exclusive Bonus Package:
Join One to Many and receive ALL of Lisa’s bonuses PLUS: Four exclusive subconscious rewire audios from me, not currently available ANYWHERE ELSE to support you in quantum leaping in your business this year:

Opening to receive subconscious rewire audio (value £97)

Including opening to receive passive business income specifically – this is often a deeply rooted unconscious block even for people who are perfectly comfortable receiving abundant active income or passive personal income (worth £97) – hint this will open up your receiving in ALL areas too! 😉

You are not your past subconscious rewire audio (value £97)

To help you release and heal from past trauma that may be blocking you and your relationship with money, power and success

You're worth it subconscious rewire audio (value £97)

To affirm your contribution, impact and inherent value on an UNCONSCIOUS level – it doesn’t matter if you know this already on a conscious level, your unconscious is a whole different ball game

The truth about money subconscious rewire audio (value £97)

To help you understand the true energetics of money, wealth and quantum leaping financially so that your nervous system doesn’t freak out and try and sabotage your success

(Note, you can listen to these while you sleep!)

And the first 10 will also receive access to an exclusive VIP sales mindset call with me (value £497)

 to get their brain and belief system deeply aligned and on board with crushing it at sales and money making… with absolute INTEGRITY. (Lisa and I have very shared values on the non-negotiability of this!)

About Jaimie

Jaimie Sarah is the Founder of The Aligned Business Blueprint© and is a High Performance Executive Coach, Business Strategist and Marketing Consultant with a knack for getting amazing results.

Jaimie graduated from the University of London with a degree in Psychology in 2008 and effortlessly combines her extensive business experience with her psychology knowledge to give her clients deep insights on why people buy and the emotional connection between their services and their clients and how to build a bridge between these through authentic, aligned and ethical sales and marketing.

Jaimie also helps her clients eliminate deep rooted mindset blocks so that they can feel deeply worthy of the next level business, clients and financial ease they truly dream of. This has had a direct impact on their revenue, enabling hundreds of entrepreneurs to increase both their bottom line and their sense of internal alignment dramatically within a matter of months.

Having studied at Harvard Business School and The Chartered Institute of Marketing, lifelong learner Jaimie left behind a top job at Thomson Reuters in New York City to start her own company and to create a global movement, now known as Business The Aligned Way©  She has since grown a successful multiple 6 figure business, while helping others to achieve 6, multi 6 and 7 figure status wholly on their terms and without compromising on their ethics.

Jaimie’s clients include industry leading 6 and 7 figure+ business owners who recognise her expert eye for strategy, mindset and her no nonsense delivery.

Jaimie has been recognised across the media: she has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and other prestigious publications, and she was voted UK Executive Coach of The Year in both 2019 and 2020. She also achieved a dream of speaking alongside John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter on money mindset. Jaimie is passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and addicted to the success of others.  You cannot be in her circle and not win!

I'm also throwing in these extra fun fast action bonuses too:

1st person to register

3 x floatation tank sessions at a venue of your choice to help you continue upgrading your nervous system and brain or the equivalent in cash to put towards another form of biohacking of your choosing

2nd person to register

Dinner + drinks for two at a fabulous venue of your choice up to £100.         

3rd person to register

1 week’s worth of healthy pre-prepared food for you from KBK to help you focus on what you do best
(Note, if you’re outside the UK and are eligible for one of these bonuses you will receive these in local currency to spend with your local provider of choice)
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