One of the most important parts of my work is to constantly notice where my clients are putting themselves in boxes – and then to duly help them crack open those boxes, jump onto of those boxes, collapse those boxes, and then to pop them in the recycling, do a happy dance together and plan for even bigger goals.

So too, to continually notice where *I* am putting myself in any boxes, and to extract myself promptly.

Here are a few of the boxes I’ve put myself in over the years:

*The “employee” box. i.e. I can only be an employee.

* The “single” box. i.e. I can only be single during this time.

* The “unlovable” box i.e. I am only worthy of relationships where people like me, but don’t deeply adore me.

* The “marketing” box. i.e. I can only work in marketing.

* The “I can only work from X” box. i.e. I can only work/be productive from my desk.

* The “I can only eat paleo” box.

* The “I can only be happy in Manhattan” box.

* and so many more

Of course I’ve broken free of each of these self-imposed boxes now, but for the longest time I didn’t even realise they were self-imposed. Their restrictiveness felt so real, so inevitable. So unshake-off-able.

So just a reminder, you are NOT box shaped. You are an infinite human being with your own unique shape and capacity to create an imprint in the world totally individual to you.

Where have you been putting yourself in a box? Be kind to yourself when reflecting on this, we all do it, the key isn’t to never do it, it’s to notice and break free ASAP.