How I’m Different

What makes me different?

First and foremost, I don’t believe believe I’m superior to my clients, and I’m also not in this to create clones of myself or of anyone else. What I do best is help you be more you, and help you align every part of your business accordingly.  I do this using The Aligned Business Blueprint©, my signature system for growing your business the aligned way. When you work with me privately, we address each of these areas.


I believe we’re all smart in different ways and we all have different gifts and preferences. When you’re looking for a coach or consultant, it’s important to find someone who you believe is really, really smart in the ways that matter most to you, and who you sense understands you deeply and appreciates what’s important to you.

When talking to one, you should be thinking “Wow, this person REALLY gets me” and getting the sense that they truly understand your expertise, gifts and values and can help you navigate your business challenges and opportunities accordingly. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is, if they don’t get you, they’re not going to advise you effectively or in a way that matches what you want to create.

This ethos is absolutely central to how I operate with my clients, and it’s why many of my clients have stayed with me for years, continuing to work on bigger and bigger goals with each year that passes.

I’m also a firm believer in authenticity, so I will hold space for your challenges as well as supporting you through your triumphs. Nevertheless, I’m not a therapist, so if I think a challenge is better discussed in therapy, I’ll let you know and recommend someone accordingly.


Many coaches and consultants have zero professional training and very little business experience to be able to understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. A small minority of these people are still “good” or even “great” at what they do, but it’s a risky bet.

I have five years of coaching experience and thirteen years of practical business experience delivering successful sales and marketing methodologies for some of the biggest and most profitable businesses in the world. I also have a BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited degree in Psychology from the University of London, and a number of rigorous accredited coaching certifications that have afforded me the tools to coach and consult to a truly professional standard.

This includes the internationally recognised Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’s comprehensive 18 month professional coaching training, and advanced leadership and mindset training. I don’t mess around, and I’m relentlessly committed to continuing to growing and expanding so I can deliver the most comprehensive and transformative experiences to my clients and their businesses.

I also incorporate strategic and content marketing into my programs, since effective, high-quality marketing is integral to the success of any business. Again, this knowledge comes from both real-world experience and extensive training. In addition to my experience delivering outstanding marketing globally for companies including SAP and Thomson Reuters, I have also studied at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Harvard Business School.

The rigour, integrity and breadth of my professional training and practical experience combined with my laser-sharp focus and intuition means that I am well equipped to support you with transforming your business from every angle. I am able to offer a truly integrated approach to elevating your business to create the biggest impact for you and a profound ripple effect that is far-reaching.

Have questions? Please book a call with me here. Please complete the questions fully in order to make the most of our time together.