Private Programs

I specialise in providing a bespoke blend of coaching and consulting to service-based directors in organisations from brand-new startups creating their first offerings, through to multi-billion dollar corporations. I find this blend of modalities very important in accelerating momentum.

To date, I have coached and advised hundreds of individuals to achieve even greater success and satisfaction across a plethora of industries including financial services, law, information technology, advertising and marketing, consulting, FMCG, government, beauty, leisure and entertainment, and the list is constantly growing. I have completed well over a thousand hours of this work and as such am highly skilled and highly effective.

program options

I offer fully confidential, private programs on a three, six or twelve month basis, ensuring you benefit from regular accountability, support and structure to achieve significant transformation and momentum in your business. I work with a maximum of 10 private clients at any given time, and have three tiers of support available.

My Platinum program provides immersive coaching of up to sixty minutes duration once a week, with additional messaging support between sessions. My Gold program provides fortnightly sessions of up to sixty minutes, and my Bronze continuity program (available to clients who have already been coaching with me for a minimum of six months) provides monthly sessions designed to sustain the momentum we have already created together.

Once I have an understanding of your unique objectives, I will recommend the best program for you.

Sessions are available Monday through Wednesday via telephone and are usually booked 1 week in advance, often for the same time each week.

To discuss the possibility of working together, please book an initial business alignment call with me below. Please complete the questions fully in order to make the most of our time together.

Private programs with me start at £5,000 / $6,500.

If we’re a great fit and we decide to work together, here are a few of the key things I’m committed to within our partnership:


  1. Guiding you in developing a clearly focused and defined vision for your life, your business unit (if applicable) and your wider organisation. I will also assist you in developing your plans for success based on your values, personal strengths, background and assets.
  2. Being 100% here for you and a trusted confidant. Pent up emotions impair good business judgment. Every business director needs a special person with whom to talk things out. With the highest level of trust and confidentiality, you can tell me things you wouldn’t tell others and get any negative feelings off your chest sooner rather than later, in a safe space. I am extensively trained to understand and be non-judgmental.
  3. Holding you accountable. Our highly structured relationship is specifically designed to ensure that you “stay on track” and move toward the achievement of your goals and vision. I will even check in with you in between sessions to support your accountability with regards to key objectives and goals.
  4. Helping you see your blind spots and areas of vulnerability. Smart business people understand that they have blind spots and give their coach the permission and mandate to speak frankly and illuminate these for ultimate clarity of vision.
  5. Sharing an objective viewpoint and feedback. I will not have any other “personal agenda” and will always have your – and your organisation’s – best interests in mind when giving you feedback and counsel.
  6. Providing an on-going collaborative partnership built on taking action, enabling you to:
    – achieve more than you would have even imagined without my support
    – create positive momentum and consistency
    – take more effective and focused actions
    – secure a more balanced and fulfilled life and career
  7. Assisting and helping you continuously improve in predetermined target areas such as sales, marketing and leadership, in addition to elevating your own personal well-being and effectiveness. I am an extensively trained life, health, wellbeing, leadership and business coach as well as a marketing consultant. This might seem like a lot for one person to cover (and yes it took a lot of time and well over £200,000 in world-class training and development!) but the effects will blow your mind. Each of these areas are inextricably bound to the evolution and profitability of your business. When you are your healthiest and happiest, you are also your most influential and inspirational as a leader and as the CEO of your organisation.
  8. Directing you to become even more of a strategic and innovative thinker. We will discuss the specific strategic objectives for your program further when we meet for your sample session and in your first official session.
  9. Helping you improve your communication skills and messaging to create an even more favourable image of you and your company.
  10. Helping you to improve the culture of your business, and to transcend cultural boundaries. If aligned with your objectives, I will work with you to cultivate a meaningful and desirable culture for your employees, and to devise a plan to integrate all relevant players into this enhanced culture, regardless of their location in the world. Where this is a key priority, I may also employ well-established, scientifically validated psychometric testing techniques in order to make very specific and accurate recommendations about specific people, personality types, and how to harness individuals talents and capabilities for the greatest business success.
  11. Providing specific strategic and tactical guidance in relation to your sales, marketing and business development strategy and branding. Benefit from the fruits of my extensive experience achieving outstanding results for Thomson Reuters and other multinational organizations in London and New York, in addition to the most advanced strategic marketing expertise acquired during my time at Harvard Business School, combined with the cutting edge neuroscience of successful branding.
  12. Providing a space within which you can work on and achieve things that would normally require you working with multiple different providers, taking up significantly larger amounts of your time and resources.

“Jaimie's sessions are insightful, value-packed and filled with practical advice. I highly recommend booking a call with her and watching her work her magic.

– Sameera Desai, London UK

“Jaimie is extraordinary! I’ve worked with a coach just once before, and to be honest I found it to be a huge waste of my time. Not so with Jaimie… our initial call alone gave me a page-long list of insights into what has been blocking me in my business alongside a stack of ideas to move me forward. I left the call incredibly impressed, and I’ve no doubt you will too!”

– Trish Mossman, Antigua Guatemala

“My sessions with Jaimie have opened up multiple new outlooks. The questions she asks in preparation and as part of her sessions provide so much opportunity for new ways of looking at things. Her analysis is so sharp - very exciting and highly recommended.”

 Nathalie Rozencwajg, Paris, France