Jaimie’s ability to get to the heart of blockers and challenges is first class. Her candid feedback and perspective provided massive value. Importantly, she remembers details between sessions, sends excellent follow-ups and genuinely helps along each step in the journey. Other coaches just don’t compare to that.

Dan Morris

New York City, USA

Jaimie brings not just her impeccable business sense but also merges the energetic side with her business sense in a really practical way.

I also love the calibre, authenticity and integrity of the other members in Magnetic: The Membership which I’ve found is difficult to get in other places, and that really helps you keep raising your standards. 

Shirley Joy Joffe

Adelaide, Australia

I recently finished my 2nd programme with Jaimie. I had a big goal and I achieved this with massive growth in my business. The surprising thing though was all the other things I gained as a result of our work. Jaimie helped me understand that I have a message that, when shared authentically adds incredible value to SOME people “ and that it is ok if it doesn’t speak to everyone!

Before our coaching I was trying to be something to everyone which resulted in me being nothing to all! This was a huge insight and has helped me confidently share my story authentically and know that I will attract the right people.

Jaimie’s mix of mindset and practical coaching (literally helping me craft messages and find time saving tools) and the accountability she provides has helped me view my life and business with a huge sense of abundance rather than lack.

I feel like any possibility is open to me now and that the negative internal voice has become infinitely quieter and is now turning into my cheerleader!

I have seen an improvement in my relationship with my partner and my team as I show up in those relationships more willing to be truly honest and vulnerable and that has had a clear knock on effect on the results they are seeing too.

Finally I am hugely grateful to Jaimie for helping me ditch the mum guilt and feel empowered to build my business and continue to do the things I love around my baby. Powerful stuff!

Lisa Turner

Bath, UK

Magnetic: The Membership is a safe, secure place to bring whatever you need support on. Whether it’s business strategy and structure, mindset work, or reviewing marketing copy, it’s amazing to see what Jaimie can tackle in just one hot-seat call.

It’s rare to find a place where you can bring anything and feel supported no matter what , especially as entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about what we do, getting the right support is so important. 

Jaimie’s ability to tap in and tune into what each client needs is really incredible. 

I just had my best month in business ever after working with Jaimie!

Shilpa Wadhwa

Chennai, India

To say that Jaimie is good at what she does is a complete understatement, and this review would be amiss if I didn’t give Jaimie the highest accolades for her professionalism, credibility, impressive knowledge base, and effective techniques. But beyond those things, she just has a natural ability to make her clients feel completely at ease and comfortable. She is punctual and reliable. She exudes confidence, and makes her commitment to her clients very obvious. Thank you, Jaimie, for pouring your heart and soul into your work.

Jess LaTorre

New York, USA

After working with Jaimie, my transition as a leader is amazing. To be a true leader requires a deep knowledge of who you are. It also requires the courage to trust both your intuitive and your acquired knowledge. This is what Jaimie is guiding you towards, with compassion, experience and up-to-date academic brilliance. Today, I am not only a much more confident and wise leader. I am a better mother, lover and friend as well. You are about to start a mind-blowing journey.

Lena Aberg Frisk


My sessions with Jaimie have opened a multiple of new outlooks on things! The questions Jaimie asks in preparation and as part of her coaching sessions provide so much opportunities for new ways of looking at things! Her analysis is so sharp – very exciting and highly recommended.

Nathalie Rozencwajg

London and Paris

I am a fairly recent client, working with Jaimie on a one-to-one basis and with the bonus of accessing her posts in her free Facebook group. My business has suddenly grown beyond recognition and I knew immediately that I needed a steer from someone I trust wholeheartedly and someone who has a business mindset that I currently don’t possess.

Added to this, my Mum passed away recently, so I am learning to navigate a huge business growth and grief simultaneously. And Jaimie is handling it all. With wisdom and power and compassion.

Everyone needs Jaimie in their life.

Sue Bowerman

London, UK

Jaimie is sweet and caring and really listens for what you’re saying and gets what you are dealing with. Her coaching was spot on and really helped me bring things out that I didn’t see. You will 100% benefit from working with her! Thank you Jaimie.

Tawny Amankhrah

Ontario, Canada

Jaimie is naturally able to tune in to what is going on and help steer you in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone they can trust to have alongside the journey of self-improvement.

Elizabeth MacMahon

New York, USA

I had the privilege of working with Jaimie on a specific assignment where the issue was a combination of facilitating the development of an organisational culture that values continuous improvement, creativity and problem solving, with in depth support of the personal development of individuals in the management team. In this process Jaimie was able to provide individual support to enable extensive personal transformation and reflection from all members of the team. Jaimie had a way, both when working with the group as a whole and with individuals of pin pointing the actual core of issues that needed attention and addressing the areas of improvement very directly.

On a personal level Jaimie helped me to think more deeply about my role as a leader and new ways of leading people. She also encouraged me to become more comfortable about sharing my thoughts and helped us set a platform for openness in communication and feedback. Jaimie was professional, empathic and fun to work with and I highly recommend her. It was so beneficial for our team and I believe a team or organisation should never consider itself to be landed “ there is always room for further development and improvement.

Anna Fornek Bergstrm

Stockholm, Sweden

Jaimie was an integral part of our Global Wellbeing Team here (at Thomson Reuters) in New York City and was a tremendous asset to our team and the company as a whole. Jaimie does a wonderful job of anchoring to the positive and creatively solving complex problems.

Sean Hurley

New York City, USA

Jaimie’s sessions are insightful, value-packed and filled with practical advice. I highly recommend booking a call with her and watching her work her magic.

Sameera Desai

Herts, UK

In 15 minutes there was more valuable feedback with a sales page that our company had with Jaimie Sarah than we had previously invested HOURS in. A quick review of a sales page had her tweaking a few things to fit our ICA [ideal customer avatar] in a way that was extremely easy. She blended the intuition and spiritual part of who we are with the language that we use. She was incredibly sensitive with how she delivered the upgraded copy and really it came down to it being no big deal, which ultimately is our goal. Highly recommend for the intuitive business owner and we are excited to work with her again.

Megan Parker

Alberta, Canada

The combination of feeling understood and supported to improve (and being held accountable) is an incredibly powerful blend of attributes that Jaimie brings to her clients. Her keen attention to subtleties and ability to hone in on the real issue is invaluable. She came prepared with various methods and strategies to help me change my way of thinking and operating at the core. She helps you see your own potential and worth and set goals for yourself. I found this experience to be a catalyst. Empathetic and non-judgmental, when you hit a roadblock, she’s there to help you get back on track by examining what really went wrong, and guiding you through.

Tom Newton

London, UK

Jaimie is exactly the right balance between encouraging and brutally honest! I’ve had so many light bulb moments whilst working with her! I’ve also learned, through her coaching, how to embrace brave conversations with confidence. She is brilliant at giving you new perspectives when looking at a challenge and I’ve found myself much more easily able to pause and see that for myself in daily work. My self confidence has soared, and I’m much clearer on my skills and on what I need to work on.

Ciara Diver

London, UK

What I loved about my coaching with Jaimie was her level of understanding of the personal development space. She has attended and implemented a lot the programs I have also done which meant we could speak the same language. What is also great is she doesn’t speak a particular style from a specific institute, she is herself and has a deep pool to pull from in order to deal with any situation I threw at her and I had a lot!


She is warm and bubbly, solid and grounded which helps when you come in with challenges to overcome. She would also go above and beyond to deliver resources needed to accomplish specific results. If you are considering working
with Jaimie, she is someone who walks the talk and will tell you what you need to hear not what you want, which is exactly what you want from your coach. I got a lot from my experience with her.
Alex Roseman

London, UK

I took part in Jaimie Sarah‘s Make it Rain Challenge and found it incredibly useful in terms of harnessing and maintaining the right energy for attracting clients for whom I and my service are an ideal fit – taking the concept of the ideal client further. It was also incredibly useful in terms of developing and maintaining that relationship, in order to enhance their results. It’s something that is really important to me as I really care that my clients have a great experience working with me, and being given the opportunity to explore this was really helpful. Thank you Jaimie.

Claire Jones

Dover, UK

After each call with Jaimie I am impressed at how she helps me to collate my thoughts, improve the way I perceive some of my concerns and leave with clarity and focus. Yesterday we covered some marketing material, both past & future. For one hour I talked about what matters to me and shortly after I received a superb summary & plan of action. I would highly recommend connecting with Jaimie. I look forward to working together more often!
Dan Cheetham

Stoke, UK

I loved working with Jaimie to decide on my business title. I wanted my work to connect with my soul aligned clients. Jaimie intuitively picked up a lot about me and the level of transformation I take my clients through. I’m proud to call myself a Relationship Mastery & Embodiment Expert for women who want to own their authenticity and create aligned relationships. Thank you Jaimie.

Samina Rai

London, UK

I recently attended Jaimie’s Make it Rain: The Experience and it was brilliant. Integrity, Authenticity and Shine are what I experienced along with Jaimie’s kindness, openness and amazing insight. A week of juiciness and reflection, some tweaks to make to my business and a thoroughly enjoyable experience in a safe easeful space. There are few I recommend, Jaimie is most definitely one of them.

Nicola La Vie

Gold Coast, Australia

I had my first call with Jaimie in June and from that took instant action, it can be the simplest of things you need to get accountable with to cut through the crap on which then helps with the big stuff! I was inspired by her content in her free group and decided to become a founding member of her mastermind where she has shaped her fortnightly online trainings around what the members have requested many of which are common themes. I personally love the balance of practical and mindset work with lots of tips to take away and resources provided. Can’t wait for our mastermind in London in a couple of weeks. If you are looking to take BIGGER action, GROW yourself, LEARN and smash out those GOALS then reach out to Jaimie as she offers a range of options that would work for you!

Sara Jones

Worcestershire, UK

With her calm but sharp presence, Jaimie brought clarity and a collaborative spirit to me and my team. We enjoyed her coaching both individually and with the whole team and it was truly transformative.

Anders Sjastedt

Majorca, Spain

My sessions with Jaimie were an absolute pleasure and in the short time we worked together I gathered insights and grew.

Amongst other lessons, my time with Jaimie really drove home the point about the power of investing in yourself. Jaimie is professional, a lovely human being, has great energy and it’s clear that she is someone who is continuously investing in herself to grow and be a better person both for her own fulfilment and that of her clients.

I was impressed by her ability to confidently admit to mistakes and found her confidence in doing so and candor refreshing. Most interestingly to me, Jaimie is very intuitive and that seems to extend to her clients. Finally, she has a variety of skills and is able to bring in hypnosis and other tools in to help her clients grow and achieve their goals and that is unique and incredibly valuable.

Michelle Velan

London, UK

Jaimie is dynamic and innovative in her style and approach. Change is inevitable. What I found most valuable during our calls was the strategies Jaimie and I created together. Interventions that identified solutions to the barriers limiting my personal and professional life. Jaimie identified values and beliefs that supported positive changes in the management of my time and my creative planning. This I found both challenging and motivating. Just what I needed to create change! Together we identified what was important to me and allowed me to ‘own’ my thinking. This brought a shift in my perception which increased my accountability for action.

I continue to use our strategies daily and highly recommend Jaimie. She has a compassion that allows both the professional and personal to blend for holistic and evolving growth. Brilliant.

Lisa Baxter

Melbourne, Australia

Jaimie was determined to help people find their zen at our office and it was a great treat for our employees! Jaimie held several workshops on-site which were all very well attended. I personally attended several of these myself and was pleasantly surprised that even after 10 minutes with Jaimie I was able to return to my desk feeling more relaxed and energized. Her passion for helping people reach their happiest and most energized selves is evident and her positive disposition is refreshing.

Kinga Bellard

Los Angeles, USA

Jaimie has the ability to understand who you are, your business and the outcome that is best for all. Whilst she is hugely empathetic she also positively pushes you forward so you can create a business and life where you thrive.

Caroline Dearlove

London, UK

Jaimie is amazing at what she does, she’s thorough & efficient, organised & so embodied in what she’s here to do.

I feel supported, loved & finally feel like my business is going to it’s next level!

Jaimie & her team really helped me move things in the direction of my vision.

Naomi Sweet


Jaimie really nailed the aspects I needed help in! Her process from start to finish pushed me to grow in the areas that would have the most impact. She took my goals and really focused on them even when I tried to veer off track. I finished with clarity of what I needed to do, actionable steps to take, and new language to mentally take me to the next level. Jaimie’s fantastic at what she does.

Michael Newman

Florida, USA

What can I say – Just wow! I am so unbelievably grateful for speaking with Jaimie. In 15 minutes this amazing human not only helped me to rework my message for a key service offering, but also has reignited something in me – my purpose and my vision for why I do what I do. Jaimie effortlessly blended my whole science and woo sides for a meaningful offering that I was unsure about how to put out into the world. I love that she is intuitive and just instinctively knew what was needed. Thank you once again for your insight and clarity – you are one in a million
Tracy Richardson

Warwickshire, UK

Jaimie Sarah is a delight to work with. In the space of a few minutes I felt heard, understood and her powerful insight relating to my business mindset was incredibly valuable. She understands the pressures of being a mother and businesswoman and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Debi John

Bath, UK

I took part in Jaimie Sarah’s Make it Rain Challenge and it was AMAZING! She gives really useful, practical advice that you can implement straight away for results and also recognises the energy behind things, which is everything to me. I am signing up for her membership and can’t wait to get in there ? Thank you Jaimie.

Juliette Mullen

Lanarkshire, Scotland

Magnetic: The Membership is a safe space within which to brainstorm ideas, network and collaborate. It’s really helped me to take my heart and business to the next level. I am so much more confident and empowered in my business!

Mel Rayne

Berkshire, UK

Jaimie Sarah’s advice and knowledge has been the single thing that has helped me become more consistent in my business.

Nicola Burns-Thomson

Surrey, UK

I have had two 1:1 sessions with Jaimie and I can honestly say it has changed my life (at least once I have implemented it all it will). She has given me amazing ideas and a clear strategy to follow. I have learnt to believe in myself and my business is going to be amazing. I can’t thank Jaimie enough.

Roberta Bass

Ontario, Canada

Jaimie doesn’t tell you what you want or think you want to hear, she holds you accountable for your decisions, which is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had. Having worked with Jaimie I am now clear on my goals and direction, and far more confident and happy. I highly recommend Jaimie to anyone looking to take a big leap into an exciting future.

Rebecca Elliott

London, UK

I recently spoke with Jaimie and so glad I did! She helped me see that I wasn’t taking the necessary steps in order to move my business forward. She gave me some much needed insight and I now have a clearer vision for my business. I’m so excited for all that is to come. I have her to thank for that!

Danie Osman

Toronto, Canada

Jaimie’s positive attitude can turn even the most skeptical or negative individual or team from “Can we?” to “How can we?” and then to “When can we?” I have watched this in action.

Jaimie is educated and intelligent. She combines her knowledge, experience, can-do attitude, and always bright mood to move herself and those around her forward. Working with Jaimie puts her colleagues and clients into a more positive and productive mindset. I would work with Jaimie on anything, anytime.

Julie Waxgiser

New York City, USA

Assistance and guidance at its finest! Thank you Jaimie.

Trina Fuentes

Atlanta, Georgia

I first met Jaimie many years ago. Today I had a call with her and it was really useful. Her insights, ideas and suggestions were spot on.

But mostly I recommend Jaimie because I felt that she knew and understood me and because I felt that she cared about me, my work and my success.

It’s easy for anyone to sound like a coach and ask coachy questions. But real interest and care is impossible to fake.

Mathias Jakobsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

I attended one of Jaimie’s masterminds and I was in awe at how much value she gave us during that time. She created a welcoming and safe space to share and open up as well as putting me in the right state of mind so that I could get the most out of the session and get exactly what I needed at the time. I highly recommend working with Jaimie. Not only is it transformational – it’s uplifting and gives you a fresh new outlook and perspective on yourself and your life. Thanks so much Jaimie for creating such a magical experience!

Gabriel Both

London, UK

Jaimie is a one stop powerhouse for transformation and growth. I attended one of her Masterminds recently and it was great to re-boot, re-focus and to dial back in to my big vision and goals for the rest of the year. I also loved her meditations and the whole flow of the day. I spent a nourishing, nurturing day with beautiful high vibe people and would definitely recommend Jaimie and her Masterminds to anyone who is looking to uplevel. Thank you Jaimie.

Elaine Bonfrer

Cheshire, UK

My session with Jaimie was truly powerful and an utter gamechanger! She combines the clarity of a savvy business woman with powerful intuitive guidance to quickly shift you out of your overwhelm and into clarity and action. As a result of our time together I can see exactly what I need to let go of in order to move forward in the way I desire. She somehow gave me the permission I didn’t know I was waiting for. Pure magic!

Lilli Badcock

Salisbury, UK

The shifts and breakthroughs I am making within the first 5 weeks of working with Jaimie are huge, I’m seriously impacted by how much my reality has changed. No stone is left unturned, we go deep to get to the root of anything in the way of my greatness. Jaimie harnesses so well the duality of tenderness and fierceness in her approach. She does not play when it comes to getting it done. Jaimie is also showing me how to work smarter, no more overworking. Already my finances are in better shape than ever before and I am sowing the seeds to create exponential wealth. Jaimie brings out the celebrity in her clients, what you once thought impossible becomes within reach. Her coaching is transformational and life changing in the best possible way.

Mel Laidley

London, UK