Who I Work With

You’re thriving, but under the surface, you know there’s more to be done and experienced.

You’ve already achieved significant success and happiness in life, but you know there is more juice to be squeezed out of your talents and resources for an even more delicious, well-rounded and profitable existence.

You believe in never EVER settling, stagnating or ignoring your dreams.

Mediocrity is an option for most, but not for you. You’re different.

You recognise that the absolute best investments you can make aren’t in stocks or bonds, or in savings earning pitiful interest, they’re in you. In your continued – and exponential – growth.

Much of your life already meets your criteria for “hell yes”, but you want to complete the puzzle, and make it even more colorful.

Here are the main types of people I serve:

  • Dedicated founders and senior business leaders looking to take their business’s performance to the next level and to reignite their sense of balance and enjoyment of life outside work. I specialise in providing carefully planned out, bespoke support to founders, co-founders, CEOs, CMOs, members of the board and more.
  • Newly promoted and newly transferred executives (including new expats and returning mothers in senior roles) navigating stressful new transitions, who can benefit from extra support and advice from a truly objective third party.
  • “Escape artists” – employees fantasising about making the leap to entrepreneurship, but they’re not sure where to begin, what their “Big Idea” is just yet, or what specific steps to take next.

Let’s see what we can achieve together in just 15 minutes – request an initial call with me here. It’ll blow your mind. Please note, this call requires an initial investment of £97 inc VAT, which is refundable when you join any private or group coaching program.

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