I really don’t like the cold.

I’m the girl that spent an hour a day in the jacuzzi and sauna at Equinox during New York City winters.

And yet, I spent last week in Iceland.

And it was one of the best weeks of my entire life.

I also spent it with people who now live on a different continent from me.

But I still played full out. (Ok, except that one nap, haha!)

None of these things would have happened with my old mindset.

In my boxed mindset, the cold was a definitive no, and I wanted only to hang out with people who lived in proximity to me, and as a general rule I was scared of playing full out because it was risky. What if people didn’t like me? What if I was too loud? Too happy? Too playful? Too… different?

I don’t think that way anymore. I think outside the box. I don’t look for set criteria, except that whatever choices I make be a “definitely definitely” for me in that moment. There isn’t a checklist anymore. I listen to my intuition – my gut, my heart, I look out for the tingles, tummy flips and racing heart that tell me something’s a hell freaking yes. I’m not scared of showing up, and playing full out, because I know that when I do, my tribe will be magnetised to me, and others will quickly fall away, and that’s social natural selection at it’s finest.

This choice was a definitely definitely, because of the organisers (Ivy) and the incredible people attending. I know whenever I go to an Ivy event it’s going to be absolutely amazing. So, as with other choices I’ve made over the last year, I abandoned any bullshit criteria that would have weighed in previously and went. I’ve made some pretty scary but epic decisions in 2016, and this was definitely amongst the most epic.

What have you said no to recently that could have been magical but it didn’t quite fit your criteria? Will you consider saying yes next time? What have you said yes to that you wouldn’t have done previously? What magic happened? Email me, or comment below, I’d love to know.

xo Jaimie

P.S. One of the biggest contributors to me opening my mindset was my own experience of hypnotherapy. One of the many reasons I practice it with my clients now. To book a free discovery session – during which you’ll learn more about both coaching and hypnotherapy, and experience them first hand - just click here.