For Service-Based Directors Who Are Changing The World For The Better

When you join this group you’ll not only get access to a close-knit tribe of fellow highly accomplished directors to bounce around your ideas and challenges with, you’ll also benefit from exclusive live members only trainings, a weekly Q&A with me and quarterly in-person members-only events.

Membership to The Aligned Business Mastermind is available as an add-on to private coaching, and is also available as a standalone membership.

Book a call with me to discuss your specific business needs and find out if The Aligned Business Mastermind is right for you.

In the Aligned Business Mastermind, I teach and mentor around each of the pillars of The Aligned Business Blueprint™ and the vault of previous trainings is also organised accordingly, so you can be sure you’re covering all bases and prioritising your learning according to your needs.

The Aligned Business Blueprint™, my signature system for growing your business the aligned way.

What current members are saying:

"I had my first coaching call with Jaimie in June and from that took instant action, it can be the simplest of things you need to get accountable with to cut through the crap on which then helps with the big stuff! I was inspired by her content in her Definitely Definitely Tribe [now Business The Aligned Way] and decided to become a founding member of The Aligned Business Mastermind where she has shaped her weekly online training around what the members have requested many of which are common themes. I personally love the balance of practical, spiritual and mindset focus with lots of tips to take away on and resources provided. Can't wait for our MasterMind class in London in a couple of weeks. If you are looking to take BIGGER action, GROW yourself, LEARN and smash out those GOALS then reach out to Jaimie!"

Sara Jones

“After working with Jaimie for a couple of years, my transition as a leader is amazing! To be a true leader requires a deep knowledge of who you are. It also requires the courage to trust both your intuitive and your acquired knowledge. This is what Jaimie is guiding you towards, with compassion, experience and up-to-date academic brilliance. Today, I am not only a much more confident and wise leader. I am a better mother, lover and friend as well. You are about to start a mind blowing journey!"

– Lena Aberg Frisk